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(History of Treemurati Company)  

Treemurati co., ltd. established distribution electrical conduits. By extension from the electrical trades on behalf of ASM Supply & Engineering Co., Ltd. Managed by Mr.Pisut since 1982 by the business it represents of electrical equipments. For over 29 years during an electrical equipment distributor. Management see the channels of the total business. Electrical conduits in conjunction with metal type. Start increasing role in power industry because the steel conduit is more stronger that PVC type Insulating can be buried under ground and buried concrete without damage. This product is known in the industry quickly

Therefore, in 1993 has been established Treemurati Co., Ltd.. The distribution conduits electrical infrastructures. And operated in conjunction with the sale of electrical ASM Supply & Engineering Co., Ltd. Steel conduit name "PAT" is recognized and known in the electric commercial field rapidly The core service is essential. Customers satisfy our honesty. responsibility and guarantee in our products.

To get a quality product and maximum safety our steel conduit manufacturer brands "PAT" using methods of metal surface treatment that does not destroy the environment (NON CYANIDE) to reduce the destruction of Earth polution environment. "PAT" is a product GREEN PRODUCT. As well as conduits to the interior surface coated Innamil. Durable smooth surface tube lifetime. From such features. The conduits of power. Has the quality standards you require. Our products was certified by TIS 770 - 2533 is a standard that ensures support to customers who purchase branded "PAT".


111 Moo.4 Thung Mung Korn Rd., Chim-Plee ,Taling-Chan ,Bangkok ,10170 Thailand
Telephone number : (+66)2-884-1042 up to 3 , (+66)2-884-0507 up to 8
Facsimile number : (+66)2-880-4908 up to 9